Metal Paricle Detectors

Oil Condition Monitoring Switch

  Metal Particle Detector

MPD2 Metal Particle Detector

Body & end caps: 316 stainless steel
Seals: Viton Buna N/Nitrile
Electric grid rating: 3.5 va. 24 volts (AC or DC) Maximum recommended for operator safety. Intrinsically safe power supplies may also be used.
Temp. rating: Viton
Buna N/Nitrile
-23 to 117°C
-48 to 121°C
-10 to 350°F
-54 to 250°F
Max. working pressure: 13.8 bar 200 psi
Flow coefficient: Kv = 3.78 Cv = 4.39
Grid specification: Hole size
Space distance

See datasheet for complete specifications.