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XTS-W Bearing Wear Monitor (BWM)

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XTS-W Bearing Condition Monitor


Reduce costs and avoid open-up inspections with the XTS-W Bearing Condition Monitor

The XTS-W Bearing Condition Monitor is a unique system that provides advanced warning of wear in the crank train bearings of 2-stroke slow speed diesel engines. It indicates wear in the main, crankpin and crosshead bearings and can also monitor both water in oil content and electrical potential between the propeller shaft and hull, both of which have an adverse effect on bearing life.

Recently fully approved by NK, Korean Registry and Germanischer Lloyd, ship owners can now apply for GL Survey Arrangement Condition Monitoring (SACM) if an XTS-W is installed.

The XTS-W uses custom proximity sensors to measure the relative position of each guide shoe, at Bottom Dead Centre (BDC), with respect to the crankcase. Any significant wear in the bearing surfaces results in a shift in this measurement, thus facilitating early detection of a failure. This measurement technique is used to detect wear in the main, crank-pin and crosshead bearings.

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XTS-W Bearing Condition Monitoring System