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Electronic Instrumentation

Electronic Instrumentation

Our wide range of electronic instrumentation includes temperature sensors and switches, pressure switches, vibration sensors, transmitters and switches, speed switches, oil condition monitoring switch and flow switch.

Temperature Sensors

Temperature / Pressure Sensors and Switches

4395 Electric Switch

Bearing Temperature Sensors and Switches

Vibration Switches

Vibration Sensors and Switches

8017 Magnetic Pickup

Speed Sensors

The speed sensors are designed to measure diesel engine RPM for use in the automatic electric or automatic electric-to-pneumatic overspeed protection systems. The sensors are typically mounted to detect the diesel engine flywheel RPM.


Speed Switches

Speed switches are used to monitor engine rpm in automatic diesel engine overspeed protection systems.  In the event of an engine overspeed condition, the speed switch will immediately take action to shut down the diesel engine.  We have a several types of switches for use in a wide range of automatic shutdown systems including electric, hazardous area electric, and hydro-mechanical switches.

  Metal Particle Detector

Oil Condition Monitoring Switch

The AMOT metal particle detector (MPD) is an on-line continuous wear debris monitor that signals the presence of metal particles in lubricating oils. The MPD alerts the operator to perform oil condition checks to determine machinery health status. Timely detection of metal particles ensures reliable machine conditions and maximizes asset availability by avoiding unnecessary downtime.

8026 Flow Switch

Flow Switch

AMOT Model 8026 flow switch to protect machinery, pumps and processes against liquid loss by sensing and switching on flow or no-flow operation.