8026 Flow Switch

Flow Switch

AMOT Model 8026 flow switch to protect machinery, pumps and processes against liquid loss by sensing and switching on flow or no-flow operation.

8026 Flow Switch

8026 Flow Switch

Pipeline condictions:

Suitable for diameters of:

25 to 100mm

1 to 4"

  Max. temp. in pipe: 120°C 250°F
  Max. pressure in pipe: 9.0 bar 130 psi
  Max. liquid velocity. 7.6m/sec 25ft/sec
Electrical data: Single pole changeover contact type microswitch



Conduit entry thread:

15 amps at 480 VAC
0.5 amps at 125 VDC
0.25 amps at 250 VDC

M20x1/5mm (alternatives are available by use of an adaptor)

Installation: by 1” NPT or BSP Tr male thread

See datasheet for complete specifications.