Metal Particle Detector

Oil Condition Monitoring Switch

The AMOT metal particle detector (MPD) is an on-line continuous wear debris monitor that signals the presence of metal particles in lubricating oils. The MPD alerts the operator to perform oil condition checks to determine machinery health status. Timely detection of metal particles ensures reliable machine conditions and maximizes asset availability by avoiding unnecessary downtime.

  Metal Particle Detector

MPD2 Metal Particle Detector

Body & end caps: 316 stainless steel
Seals: Viton Buna N/Nitrile
Electric grid rating: 3.5 va. 24 volts (AC or DC) Maximum recommended for operator safety. Intrinsically safe power supplies may also be used.
Temp. rating: Viton
Buna N/Nitrile
-23 to 117°C
-48 to 121°C
-10 to 350°F
-54 to 250°F
Max. working pressure: 13.8 bar 200 psi
Flow coefficient: Kv = 3.78 Cv = 4.39
Grid specification: Hole size
Space distance

See datasheet for complete specifications.