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8060 3-Wire PT100 Temperature Sensor



The AMOT 8060 3-wire PT100 Temperature Sensor is a complete unit consisting of a platinum RTD, stainless steel well and NEMA 6 aluminum connection head. The sensor uses Pt 100 RTD to reduce installation cost by using ordinary copper leads for extension wires which require no cold junction compensation. The 8060 is the best choice for a temperature sensor to control the AMOT model G, 3-Way Temperature Control Valve.

Features and Benefits

  • NEMA 6 connection head - for harsh environments
  • Range -100 to 250 °C (-150 to 480 °F)
  • 3 wire RTDs provide accurate temperature measurement
  • Excellent long term stability and linearity
  • Stainless steel well is suitable for a wide variety of applications