Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors and Switches

4250 Series

4250 Hazardous Area Temperature & Pressure Switch

Housing material: Cast aluminum
Diaphragm: Nitrile or Viton
Max. pressure on diaphragm: 24.1 bar 350 psi
Max. pressure on temp. elements: 54.04 bar 800 psi
Max. case temp.: 40°C (T6)
55°C (T5 - to special order)
Max. net weight: 2.1 kg 4.6 lbs
EC type examination cert: Baseefa 03ATEX0633X
ATEX Certification: The ATEX Directive meets EU directives detailing equipment and work conditions allowable in an environment with an explosive atmosphere.

See datasheet for complete specifications.


4140 Pressure and Temperature Switches

Housing material: Diecast aluminum alloy casting
Fully gasketed and weatherproof
Pressure sensing wetted parts: Fitted with nitrile rubber diaphragm
Temp. sensing probe: Wax element enclosed in copper sheath or bi-metallic disc (range 6)
Vibration: Resistant up to 14G/100Hz Refer to microswitch type
Temperature: Temp. switch:
Pressure switch:
-40 to 120°C
-40 to 90°C
-40 to 248°F
-40 to 194°F
Types: Single
Combined pressure and temperature

See datasheet for complete specifications.


8060 3-Wire PT100 Temperature Sensor

Temperature range: -100 to 250°C -150 to 482°F
Accuracy: IEC 751:1983 BS EN60751:1996
Class B
RTD: 3 wire platinum 100 Ohm element
Connection head: Heavy duty aluminum IP67
Conduit thread: M20, PG 13.5" or 16", 1/2 NPT 
Thermal well: Stainless steel  
Installation thread: 1/2" BPS, Tr, 1/2" NPT  
Terminations: Threaded  

See datasheet for complete specifications.