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CSX-210 Hazardous Area Control Unit (Battery Powered) (CE234)



The CSX-210 Hazardous Area Control Unit is used in the Series 210 Diesel Engine Shutdown System and is designed for ATEX Zone1, Group IIB, T4 hazardous area application. 

The CSX-210 Control Unit is used to monitor engine speed, temperatures and oil pressure. Should any one of these fall outside pre-set limits, power is withdrawn from the air intake shutoff valve solenoid causing the valve to close and shutting down the engine.
The CSX-210 Control Unit and 210 System is designed to interface with other 12VDC and 24VDC flameproof electrical systems in an engine installation. Additionally the CSX-210 can accept a shutdown signal from an external system such as a Yellow Alert or Gas Detection System.

Features and Benefits

  • ATEX Zone 1, Group IIB, T6 (EEx d [ia] IIB T6)
  • “Fail safe” design – power is withdrawn when limits are exceeded
  • Design to interface with other on-engine flameproof electrical systems
  • Calibrate via a pushbutton application
  • Monitor up to 5 temperature and pressure switches
  • Designed for use with other Chalwyn flameproof products
    • SVX Flameproof Air Intake Shutoff Valves
    • ASX Flameproof Alternators
    • PSX Low Pressure Switches
    • TSX High Temperature Switches