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CSX-300 Control Unit

CSX-300 Control Unit


Chalwyn Series 300 Series Diesel Engine Shutdown Systems monitor engine speed to give an immediate engine shut down by closure of an air intake valve if engine overspeed is detected. The CSX-300 is used in 12VDC systems and the CSX-310 is used in 24VDC systems.

The speed signal is taken from the existing engine alternator or flywheel magnetic pickup and is compared electronically with an easily programmed shut down setting. No calculations or knowledge with respect to the drive ratio of the alternator or number of flywheel teeth is required. The system also includes an optional stop button to enable manual emergency closure of the intake shut down valve.
Optionally the CSX-301 (12VDC) and CSX-311 (24VDC) adds the capability of monitoring up to 5 preset high engine temperatures, low oil pressure sensors, or trip input signal from a gas detection system to immediately shutdown a diesel engine if limit conditions are exceeded.
An automatic fuel shut down valve is also available if required.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic air intake shutoff valve closure on engine overspeed
  • Speed signal from magnetic pickup or alternator
  • Externally powered by 12 VDC or 24 VDC systems
  • Optional sensor circuit monitoring gas detection system, and pre-set pressure and temperature switches
  • IP66 rated enclosure with cable glands
  • Designed for use with other Chalwyn products
    • SVX Electric Actuated Air Intake Shutoff Valves
    • CSX-840 Emergency Stop Button
    • PSX Low Pressure Switches
    • TSX High Temperature Switches
    • FSX-200 Automatic Fuel Shutdown Valve