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10424X 3-Way Solenoid Air Valve

SKU 10424X

Model 10424X is used to link the truck’s air supply and the air intake shut-off valve in applications where the truck may encounter off-road services or extreme vibration.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact rugged design
  • Nema 4 Watertight
  • CSA certified
  • UL listed
Power supply: 10.2 to 12.6 VDC  
Pressure requirements: 3.5 to 13.8 bar 50 to 200 psi
Temperature: -18 to 49°C 0 to 120°F
Response time: 5.10 milliseconds  
Valve body: Brass  
Valve seals: Buna N/Nitrile  
Valve piston: 303 SS  
Approvals: CSA and UL listed
  • Tank trucks

  • Vacuum trucks

  • Oil field trucks and equipment

  • Offshore engines

  • Trenchers

  • Drilling rigs

  • Oil skimmer barges

  • Aircraft ground equipment


Pressure will be sent through Port”P” to Port “A” which will close model 4261 intake air shut-off valve. When de-energized, pressure will be vented through Port “A” to Port “E”.

See datasheet for complete operation information.