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8071D Panel Mount Controller

SKU 8071D

AMOT Model 8071 Electric PID Valve Controller is a fully programmable PID-based controller which allows for easy system configuration.

Features and Benefits

  • Universal inputs- RTD's thermocouple, or standard 4-20mA signal gives maximum system design flexibility
  • Can be operated in manual mode - easy maintenance and set up
  • Max. two programmable analogue outputs
  • Two programmable setpoints, two parameter sets
  • Four limit comparison
  • Two timer functions
  • Two self-optimization prodedures
  • RS485 interface available as an option
Controller type: Fully configurabel PID with digital filtering and selectable parameter sets
Input: Universal sensor input 2 or 3 wire RTD, TC, 4-20mA selectable
Input sensing range: Selectable as required Max. -200 to 850°C -328 to 1562°F
Supply: 93 to 263 VAC, 48 to 63Hz @8VA Quiescent
Input accuracy: RTD within 0.05%
TC within 0.25%
4-20mA within 0.1%
Environmental: 0 to 55°C operational
EMC: EN 61326 Class B
Solid state relay: 25A rated, opto-isolated, zero-cross switching 600V pk-pk
  • Position control of electrically or electro-pneumatically actuated valves

  • For use with AMOT type G Temperature Control Valve

  • For engines, turbines, gear boses and heat exchangers:

    • charge air cooling
    • secondary cooling systems
    • fuel and lube oil preheating
    • co-generation
    • engine jacket water

These products are designed for high performance, fully configurable operation, and are easy to install and set up. The controller is available in two options.

8071D: Universal PID controller for use with the AMOT electrically actuated G Valve range.  It is a panel mount stand-alone controller, designed to be used with separate Solid State Relays (SSRs).

8072D: Stand-alone panel incorporating the 8071D controller. Comprises of the 8071D controller and two SSRs, pre-wired in a wall mounting, splash-proof enclosure approved to IP67 (NEMA 6).