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Rigsaver Drilling Site Valves

RIGSAVER is a name synonymous with diesel engine safety. With over 10,000 valves installed globally, this swing gate style, spring-operated valve is known for proven, reliable performance in the harsh conditions often found on oil and gas drilling sites and with high-horsepower engine used in these operations. After acquiring the RIGSAVER brand in 2012, AMOT re-engineered the original design to improve valve performance over the life of the engine and, in 2014, launched the Next Generation RIGSAVER 11SGE.

To address the need to update thousands of legacy valves currently in operation, AMOT designed simple-to-use kits to easily retrofit valves in the field. AMOT continues to educate operators on proper testing and maintenance procedures through recommended schedules and standard maintenance kits that help keep this critical emergency shutdown system in top operating condition.

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