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1672 Pressure Sensing Valve

SKU 1672

AMOT Model 1672 Pressure Sensing Valves are 2-Way normally open sensors (closed under satisfied operation conditions) which are opened by the sensed pressure decreasing or increasing past the trip point. Dual purpose construction (trip on rising or falling pressure) provides a wide range of applications and permits easy field adjustment or changeover from trip on falling pressure to trip on rising pressure. The valve is snap-acting and suitable for hydraulic or gas control systems which up to 80 psi (5.5 bar) maximum control pressure. 

Features and Benefits

  • Diaphragm Sensor Pressure Ranges 1, 2, & 3:
    • Adjustable ranges from 0.3 – 21.7 bar (5 - 315 psi)
    • Easy to service/replace diaphragm
    • Pneumatic lockout available for Range 1
    (See description under “Operation”)
  • Piston Sensor Pressure Ranges 4, 5, 6, & 7:
    • Adjustable ranges from 1 – 248 bar (15 - 3600 psi)
    • Corrosion resistant, stainless steel piston sensor
    • Easy to service/replace Teflon piston seal
With its sturdy but simple construction, the 1672 Pressure Valve provides reliable and economical pilot control for operating pneumatic indicating relays such as AMOT Model 2400 and 4400, or for directly controlling master shutdown devices such as AMOT, 2800, or 4112 Safety Controls or AMOT 4057 3-Way Valves.
Housing: Gulfproofed cast aluminum  
Internal parts: Aluminum & plated steel  
Control valve: Aluminum & stainless steel
Seat/Diaphragm: Viton and Buna N/Nitrile
Flow Coefficient: Kv = 0.26 Cv = 0.3
Max. operating pressure: 551 kPa 80 psi
  • Engines

  • Lubricating Oil

  • Cooling Water

  • Combustion Air

  • Control Air

  • Fuel Oil

  • Fuel Gas

The operation of the 1672 Pressure Sensing Valve is simple and straightforward. Pressure ranges 1, 2 and 3 use a diaphragm sensor, and pressure ranges 4, 5, 6 and 7 use a piston sensor. The sensed pressure moves the diaphragm or piston operator against the larger adjusting spring. The motion is transmitted to the valve through a lever and fulcrum pin which operates the valve pushrod. Location of the pin in one of two holes in the case determines the rising or falling pressure trip function.
Pneumatic lock out is an optional feature which can eliminate the need for a separate blocking valve. For a tripping pressure of 1.1 bar (16 psi) falling, a 6.9 bar (100 psi) lockout pressure is required. For a tripping pressure of 2.1 bar (30 psi) falling, a 13.8 bar (200 psi) lockout pressure is required. The maximum lockout pressure is 17.2 bar (250 psi). This feature is only available on models in pressure range 1.