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2230/4430 2-Way Temperature Sensing Valves

SKU 2230-4430

Model 2230/4430 is a normally-closed, 2-way valve which is opened by increasing temperature of engine cooling water, lubricating oil, high pressure gas or other fluids. The 2230/4430 can also be used for sensing high bearing or packing temperatures. Opening of the valve vents control pressure from an AMOT Mater Safety Control such as Model 2800 or 4261, and protects the engine, compressor, pump, gear case, and industrial machinery from over-temperature.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to install and maintain - few moving parts
  • Factory set, field adjustable
  • Compatible in hydraulic or gas systems
  • Compatible with complete AMOT shutdown systems
  • No electricity required; fail safe
  • No wires to break or corrode
  • Viton seals standard
  • Brass (2230) or stainless steel (4430) construction
2230D Standard materials: Body & Nut: 
4430B Standard materials: Body & Nut:
316 SS
316 SS
Max. pressure on temp. element: 55.2bar 800 psi
Max. pressure at IN Port: 8.6 bar 125 psi
  • Engine and compressor exhaust gas.
  • Gear box lubrication
  • Engine oil and compressor lube oil temperatures
  • Engine jacket water temperature
Model 2230/4430 operation is simple and straight forward. As the temperature of the sensed fluid increases, wax enclosed in the valve’s temperature sensing element expands against a push rod, which in turn unseats a valve allowing flow to travel from the valve’s IN port and out the valve’s OUT port. For visual indication that the temperature valve has tripped, use AMOT Model 4054 Trip Indicator.
Model 2230/4430 Temperature Valves are set at the factory, and the trip temperature is stamped on the valve body. The valve will start to bleed control pressure at 1.1°C to 2.2°C (2°F to 4°F) below its calibrated setting. Do not operate 2230/4430 beyond the valve’s maximum continuous operating temperature. Both models are field service/adjustable.