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4031 Magnetic Pickup

SKU 4031

The speed sensors are designed to measure diesel engine RPM for use in the automatic electric or automatic electric-to-pneumatic overspeed protection systems. The sensors are typically mounted to detect the diesel engine flywheel RPM.

Features and Benefits

  • High output voltage signal
  • Superior performance at high temperatures
  • Reliable heavy-duty wiring harness available
  • Very long servicce life

Models available

Model Diameter / Thread Thread Length Connection
4031-001 ¾”-16UNF 2.29" 120" wire leads
4031-001DL ¾”-16UNF 2.56" Dual lead 17.7" w/Packard Connector
4031-001S ¾”-16UNF 1.79" 72" wire leads
4031-002 ⅝”-18UNF 3.4" 5" wire leads
4031-002S ⅝”-18UNF 1/9" 5" wire leads
4031-003 ⅜”-24UNF 2.27" 72" wire leads
4031-004 ¾”-16UNF 3.5"  
4031-005 Magnetic Pickup - CAT   6.55" w/Packard Connector
4031-M16 M16 x 1.5 2.29"  
Diameter and Thread: 3/8”-24UNF, 5/8”-18UNF, ¾”-16UNF, ¾”-M16
Length: 1.9" to 4.37"
Connections: Terminals, wire leads, wire leads w/ Packard Connectors

Magnetic Pickups are used to measure engine rpm for automatic electric and automatic electric-to-pneumatic systems. Some example engine applications are listed below.

  • Drilling rigs (onshore & offshore)
  • Drilling support equipment
  • Well servicing equipment
  • Refinery support equipment
  • Bulk haulers and tankers
  • Mining equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Generator sets
  • Emergency response vehicles and equipment
  • Aircraft refueling equipment
  • Work boats
  • Barges
  • Agriculture equipment

Magnetic pick-up sensors are mounted at the diesel engine flywheel. It is used to measure the engine RPM for use by the speed switch in an automatic overspeed protection system. The magnetic pickup senses a sudden change in the magnetic field caused by a metal protrusion of the metal teeth on the engine flywheel. The sensor generates a sine wave for transmission to the speed switch.