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4047 Pressure Valve

SKU 4047

Model 4047 is used as a 2-Way or 3-Way high capacity, low-pressure valve for settings from 0.1 psi falling to 11.2 psi rising over several ranges. Applications include sensing low-pressure gas, water, fuel, oil, or for liquid level sensing and control. By piping to the vacuum port, the valve can be used to sense vacuum pressure from 0.1 psi falling. The 4047 can detect overload on gas engines by sensing the vacuum pressure in the intake manifold. 

Features and Benefits

  • 3-Way Valve has balanced force design
  • Pressure can be applied at any port
  • Buna N Tadpole seals are easily replaced
  • Bubble-tight seals with Center Dead Spot - no port overlap
  • Gulfproofing standard
Valve body and housing: Gulfproofed aluminum 
Valve spool: Anodized aluminum
Standard seals and diaphragm: Buna N/Nitrile
Max. operating pressures ports 1,2, and 3 860 kPa 125 psi
Max. countinuous diaphragm control pressure: 138 kPa 20 psi
Proof pressure - diaphragm 207 kPa 30 psi
Max. temperature: 66°C 150°F
Valve free flow area: Kv = 1.0 Cv = 1.2
Net weight: 2.26 kg 5 lbs
  • Sense low pressure or vacuum of water, air, natural gas, oil and more...
  • Detection of overload on gas engines
  • Sensing of vacuum in intake air manifold

2-Way Valve to open on rising pressure
Port 1 must be plugged. Rising pressure will open
Port 2 to Port 3 above the trip point.

Valve to open on falling pressure
Port 3 must be plugged. Falling pressure will open
Port 2 to Port 1 below the set trip point.

3-Way Valve operation for 3-Way action is identical with that for 2-Way except that there will be no plugged ports. On valves set to trip on rising pressure, Port 1 will open to Port 2 until just below the trip point. Port 3 will open to Port 2 at the trip point. On falling pressure, Port 3 will close first. Then Port 1 will open to Port 2.

AMOT Model 4047 has a “dead spot” in the exact center position, which prevents the overlapping of Ports 1 and 3. Because of this, Ports 1 and 3 will not open and close simultaneously at the trip point.