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4058/4458 Manual & Pilot Operated 4-Way Valves

SKU 4058-4458

AMOT Models 4058 and 4458 4-way valves were developed for use in manual and automatic hydraulic or pneumatic control systems. They offer versatility in operation requirements and allowable pressure limits. For a 1/4” size control valve, they offer exceptional flow capacity.
These valves are suitable for use on clean air, natural gas, L.P. gases, petroleum-based lubricants and hydraulic oils as well as many other fluids making use of the patented “Tad-Pole” seal from AMOT which provides for lower friction and longer cycle life than conventional 0-rings.

Features and Benefits

  • Balanced force design, pressure can be applied to any port
  • Center dead spot - no port overlap
  • Arranged for panel or bracket mounting
  • Available in aluminum or 316 stainless steel 
Body material: 4058 Precision cast aluminum
  4458 316 stainless steel
Standard spool material: Anodized aluminum
Standard seal material: Viton  
Max. temperature: 120°C 248°F
Flow coefficient: Kv = 1.0 Cv = 1.2
Max. pressure at Port C: 860 kPa 125 psi
  • Hydraulic fluid and actuator control
  • Pneumatic panel and safety control systems

Each valve is carefully assembled, tested and inspected to ensure that high quality standards are met. Valves are made from precision cast and machined aluminum or stainless steel parts. The unique porting arrangement eliminates steel ring cutting and permits pressure inlet at any port without danger of seal “blow out”. Standard construction permits valves pressures to 125 psi.