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4087 Exhaust Gas Temperature Valve

SKU 4087

AMOT 4087 exhaust gas temperature valve is closed in the operating or “satisfied” condition, and trips open when the set temperature is exceeded.


  • Reliable protection
  • Long life
  • Senses 150 to 760˚C  (300 to 1400˚F)
  • Viton seals
  • Stainless steel well
  • Manual or pneumatic reset
  • Simple to maintain


  • 625 - O-ring, Viton
  • 257L001 - O-ring, Viton
  • 866L001 - Grease, High Temperature
Valve body and spool: Aluminum  
Well material: 347 stainless steel  
Maximum Pressure at IN Port: 8.6 bar 125 psi
Maximum Pressure Outside Well: *68.9 bar 1000 psi
Pneumatic Reset: 2.7 bar 40 psi
Minimum Reset Pressure: 10.3 bar 150 psi

*: Pressure shown is maximum allowable.

  • A snap-acting valve actuated by increasing temperature on the well and intended for use principally as an exhaust gas temperature sensor.
Actuation of the valve is caused by increasing temperature expanding the stainless steel well at a rate faster than that of Rod. Pushrod moves toward the well, permitting the two Balls to slip into a groove between Upper Piston and Trip Plunger. This releases the piston which is spring loaded by Main Spring. The piston moves upward permitting the middle O-ring seal to move past the IN Port, connecting IN to VENT. Re-setting of the valve is accomplished by firmly depressing the top of Piston after the well has been permitted to cool back down below the trip point.
See datasheet for complete operation information.