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4143 Differential Pressure Valve

SKU 4143

AMOT Model 4143 valve is used for sensing loss of coolant due to hose breakage, poor water flow due to excessive cavitation or worn pump impeller blades. Upon a dangerous condition, the pressure differential will decrease, causing the valve to vent the lubricating oil pressure supply line to the AMOT 2800 Master Safety Control, causing it to trip and shutdown the engine.

Features and Benefits

  • Senses:
    • Coolant loss
    • Excessive aeration
    • Worn pump impeller blades
    • Loss of pump priming pressure
    • Water pump failure
  • Gulfproof, anodized aluminum construction
Housing material: Aluminum
Diaphragm material: Buna N/Nitrile
Max. pressure on diaphragm: 4.1 bar 60 psi
Adjustable differential pressure range: 0.034 to 0.25 bar
differential at 0.69 bar
0.5 to 3.6 psi @ 10 psi nominal
Reset differential: 0.345 ± 0.069 bar 0.6 ± 0.1 psi
Max. pressure at valve 'In' port: 6.2 bar 90 psi
  • Protection of engines and other industrial equipment in case of water circulation slow down or failure.

Model 4143 senses the pressure differential between each side of the water pumps. Valve port stamped P2 is piped to water pump discharge and valve port stamped P1 is piped to water pump suction. As the dangerous condition arises, the pressure differential will decrease and the valve will vent the lubricating oil pressure supply causing it to trip and shut down the engine.