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4155A 2-Way Temperature Sensing Valve

SKU 4155A

The 4155 Temperature Sensing Valve monitors liquid temperature in engines and other industrial applications. It can be used as a single component or as part of a complete safety shutdown system for monitoring:

  • Jacket water
  • Lube oil
  • Bearing lube oil temperature
  • Gearbox oil
Adjustable temp. level: 16°C - 120°C 61°F - 248°F
Max. control pressure: 7 bar 100 psi
Standard seals: Viton
Max. element temp. range: 54°C - 120°C 129°F - 248°F
Max. continuous temp.: 88°C - 128°C 190°F - 262°F
Net weight: 0.56 kg 1 1/4 lb
Sensor type: Wax mixtures  
Medium: Liquids
Housing material: Brass

The temperature sensitive element includes a push rod which rises in response to increasing temperature.

At a predetermined temperature, the valve assembly is lifted from its seating, allowing the sensing medium to vent and reduce pressure within the control circuit.