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4418F Stainless Steel High Pressure 2-Way Relay Valve

SKU 4418F

The 4418F has been designed specifically for use as an air start valve for diesel engines or as a fuel shut-off valve for gas turbine applications. Its durable, high quality construction and compact size make it ideal for use with gas turbines in the 0 to 15 MW size range.

Features and Benefits

  • Vent port eliminates need for separate bleed valve - reduced system cost
  • Optional open/close indication switch - simpler system set up and diagnostics
  • Fully adjustable for optimized system operation
  • ‘Leakless’ design
  • NACE compliant version available
Body materials: Stainless steel 
Internals: Stainless steel or aluminum 
Seals: Viton or Buna N/Nitrile 
Operating temp.: -29 to 204°C -20 to 400°F 
Valve pressure rating: 13 to 50 bar 195 to 720 psi 
Pilot pressure: 30 to 150 psi 2.1 to 10.5 kg/square cm 
Flow coefficient:






1 1/2"



Kv = 15.6

Kv = 28.5

Kv = 29.4

Kv = 1.7

Cv = 18

Cv = 33

Cv = 34

Cv = 2.0

Close time: Less than 100ms
  • Starting air/gas valve

  • Vented fuel gas valve

  • Control valve


2-Way Version

When pressure is applied to the PILOT port, the main ports (IN and OUT) are opened to allow flow through the valve. When the pilot pressure is released, a spring closes the main ports.

2-Way Vented Version

When Pilot Pressure is applied to the PILOT port, IN Port is open to the OUT Port; the VENT Port is closed. When pilot pressure is removed, the IN Port closes while the VENT Port opens to the OUT Port, relieving pressure within the valve and down stream piping.

When used on a fuel gas system, the fuel intake manifold is vented causing quick shutdown of the engine