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8017 Hazardous Area Magnetic Pickup

SKU 8017

The 8017 Proximity Transducer is a hermetically sealed miniature electromagnetic transducer, which may be mounted adjacent to rotating machinery, such as an engine starter ring, or a coupling with protruding bolt heads, and produces an electrical signal for use by other equipment. It needs no power supply.

Body material: PVC with nickel-plated brass probe,
polypropylene end cap and epoxy resin potting.
Body sealing: To IP65
Max ambient temp, probe tip: 70°C 158°F
Max ambient temp, body: 60°C 140°F
Min operating temp: -10°C 14°F
Signal output, to operate amplifier: 0.2 Volts RMS min
Signal output, for safety: 6.0 Volts peak max
DC resistance: 1000 ohms +/- 14%
Insulation resistance, wires to probe: 500V test
Mounting thread: 5/8 UNF, 18TPI
Max recommended lead length: 2 meters 6.5 feet
Probe pressure above atmosphere: Not designed for significant pressur