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8060 3-Wire PT100 Temperature Sensor

SKU 8060-PT100
The AMOT 8060 3-wire PT100 Temperature Sensor is a complete unit consisting of a platinum RTD, stainless steel well and NEMA 6 aluminum connection head. The sensor uses Pt 100 RTD to reduce installation cost by using ordinary copper leads for extension wires which require no cold junction compensation. The 8060 is the best choice for a temperature sensor to control the AMOT model G, 3-Way Temperature Control Valve.

Features and Benefits

  • NEMA 6 connection head - for harsh environments
  • Range -100 to 250 °C (-150 to 480 °F)
  • 3 wire RTDs provide accurate temperature measurement
  • Excellent long term stability and linearity
  • Stainless steel well is suitable for a wide variety of applications
Temperature range: -100 to 250°C -150 to 482°F
Accuracy: IEC 751:1983 BS EN60751:1996 
Class B
RTD: 3 wire platinum 100 Ohm element
Connection head: Heavy duty aluminum IP67
Conduit thread: M20, PG 13.5" or 16", 1/2 NPT 
Thermal well: Stainless steel  
Installation thread: 1/2" BPS, Tr, 1/2" NPT  
Terminations: Threaded
  • Designed for temperature reads in harsh environments

  • For use with the AMOT 8071D/8072D Electric PID Valve Controller and other PT100 applications

  • Recommended temperature sensor for AMOT electric G Valve system


The electric valve system incorporates the use of an electrically actuated three-way control valve with an electronic controller (type 8071D). The 8071D controller can be either panel or wall mounted. The system is completed with the temperature sensor type 8060. The electric G Valve system is simple to install with standard four core cable, and provides more accurate measurement and control than typical pneumatically operated systems.