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8402 Gas Turbine Fuel Valve

SKU 8402

The 8402G Fuel Valve System is a balanced rotary valve with an electric stepper-motor actuator. This high performance gas turbine fuel control valve with fast operation speed and large turn down ratio is designed for reliable an efficient control of any gas turbine.

Features and Benefits

  • Precise turbine control - allows a single valve to be used where two valves were previously required
  • Full stroke operating speed of 350ms
  • Digital optical encoder provides absolute repeatability of +/-0.3% of stroke
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel construction - durable for long life
  • All electric - eliminates need for a hydraulic actuation system
Flow Coefficient: Kv = 10.4, 21.6, 26, 52, 77.9
Cv = 12, 25, 30, 60, 90
Turn down: 500:1
Body material: Carbon steel Stainless steel
Flow direction: Over trim
Operating range: -22 to 90°C -8 to 194°F
Drive: Stepper-motor
Position measurement: Digital optical encoder
Enclosure: Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D
NEMA rating: 7 & 9
Actuator control  
Supply voltage: 24 VDC @ 8 amps
Failure mode: Freeze or close (configurable)
Operating environment: 0 to 50°C 32 to 122°F
  • Custom designed specifically for gas fuel control (metering) for industrial or aero derivative gas turbines
  • Combined with AMOT’s 4420 fuel shutoff valve, the 8402 can provide the complete as turbine fuel control solution

Model 8402 is a high performance gas turbine fuel control valve with fast operating speed and large turn down ratio, designed for reliable and efficient control of any gas turbine. To meet the demands of virtually any industrial or aero-derivative gas turbine, the 8402 is equipped with an electric stepper-motor actuator, which can fully stroke the valve in only 250ms.

The valve itself has a 500:1 turn down ratio which, in many applications, allows a single 8402 valve to provide precise fuel delivery to the turbine from light off to maximum power. This combination of features enables the valve to enhance the performance of any gas turbine or turbo-machinery train. A key element in the performance of any fuel valve is the type and reliability of the position measurement device. Accuracy in position measurement is what allows the valve to keep the turbine operating in its maximum efficiency range while maintaining the safety of the machine and the entire turbo-machinery train.

The 8402’s absolute digital encoder for position measurement provides position repeatability of +/-0.05% of stroke. It also has digital electronics throughout to provide consistently accurate operation. Combining the efficiency and accuracy of the 8402 and the durability and protection of AMOT’s Model 4420 fuel shutoff valve it provides a reliable, cost effective control and shut-off system for any turbo-machinery application. The actuator enclosure is designed for use in hazardous environments and has been certified by CSA (Class 1, Division 1, groups C & D, explosionproof).