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5 Fuel Cell Applications You Might Not Know

5 Fuel Cell Applications You Might Not Know
Posted in: Hydrogen
5 Fuel Cell Applications You Might Not Know

Why is Hydrogen the Fuel of the Future? 

Did you know that there is a fuel source that can power your everyday life, whilst making much less of a negative impact on your wallet and the environment? Hydrogen fuel cells are talked about as the fuel of the future for many reasons, but their practical applications and minimal emissions top the list.  

We will discuss 5 applications for hydrogen fuel cells that you may not know of.  

Emergency Backup Power 

Emergency backup power for large operations such as intensive care units in hospitals, prisons, data centers and more can be supported by hydrogen fuel cells. In addition to increased reliability and decreased emissions, fuel cells have fewer moving parts than a generator or battery, which leads to less maintenance.  

Fuel Cells can also offer backup power for many small remote systems such as cell towers.  Lastly, fuel cells are highly portable resulting in a compelling alternative to small diesel generators at the remote locations where cell towers are sometimes built. 


Whether it be by bus, train, personal vehicle, or plane, hydrogen fuel cells are making their way into our day-to-day commute and travel. With quick refueling, cost efficiency, and lowered emissions transportation is evolving with hydrogen fuel as a frontrunner in the global race to clean energy.  

Utility Vehicles 

Utility vehicles such as forklifts, airport movers, and unmanned vehicles are all examples of equipment that can utilize a hydrogen fuel cell to operate both indoors and out. Switching from a lead-acid battery to a fuel cell will decrease downtime and maintenance needs while increasing operating range and ROI. Many large plants that utilize dozens of forklifts have already switched to fuel cell powered equipment due to lower maintenance costs. 

Marine - Ferries 

Moving people and cars back and forth across water via ferry requires large amounts of fuel.  Advanced technology is now allowing larger fuel cells to be built that can even power vessels such as ferries.  Ferries are a prime candidate for the first run of larger fuel cells as they have the ability to bring more hydrogen onboard several times a day.    

Rocket Fuel - NASA 

For decades, NASA has used hydrogen gas as rocket fuel to deliver crew and cargo to space. NASA has published their intent to continue the storage, measurement, and employment of hydrogen as they focus on human missions to the moon and eventually Mars. 

How Can Amot Help. 

Hydrogen fuel cells must maintain a specific temperature to maximize their highest efficiency. If the fuel cell exceeds the threshold, system optimization decreases.  AMOT is a leading provider and manufacturer of temperature control valves, or TCVs. A TCV will automatically adjust to keep the fuel cell operating at optimum temperatures, thus capturing the highest available output of energy production, from the fuel cell.  

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