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How to Identify and Service the AMOT Model 2180 Gas Valve

gas shut off/air start valve maintenance

This latest Ask the Expert video will help you identify which 2180 model you have installed in your application and what you need to service the valve.

November 12, 2020

How Does the Low Leak G Valve Maximize Engine Performance?

control valve three-way control valve engine performance

Ambient temperature can play a significant role in an engine's performance and lead to derating -- a reduction in engine output. Watch this video to learn how the AMOT Low Leak G Valve helps prevent derating and maximizes an engine's performance.

June 17, 2020

What Causes Engine Derating?

control valve three-way control valve engine performance

Engine derating is the reduction of an engine’s output due to less-than-ideal operating conditions. Watch our video to learn the causes of engine derating and how it affects engine performance.

June 9, 2020

What is Diesel Engine Runaway?

diesel engine runaway oil and gas safety

If you work in or near hazardous areas, like those found in the Oil & Gas industry, you are exposed to dangers every day. One of the lesser-known, but deadly, risks is the phenomenon called diesel engine runaway. Read our post to learn more.

March 16, 2020