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What Is a Temperature Control Valve (TCV)?

You've heard of temperature control valves, but have you ever wondered what they are? This post answers that question and more. Read now.

August 11, 2023
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The benefits of Converting Your Control System From Leslie RVB/RVK to AMOT Model G

Temperature control valves are an integral part of any heating or cooling circuit found on marine vessels. Many of these systems use a legacy Leslie RV Series valve, but efficiency expectations have evolved over the last 40 years. Read this blog article to learn how the AMOT Model G Valve’s modern design can provide an immediate upgrade to your current temperature control solution. 

April 4, 2022
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Temperature Control FAQs

In this blog, we're answering all the temperature control questions we most often hear from our customers.

January 11, 2022
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How to Clean and Inspect Your Thermostatic Valve

Read this blog to learn how to properly clean and check your thermostatic valves according to AMOT and engine OEM standards and why this is important to overall engine performance and lifespan.

July 21, 2021
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What is a Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV)?

Thermostatic mixing valves are useful in applications that must ensure a constant outlet temperature to prevent damage or injury. Read our blog and learn how a TMV works and why they are important.

March 1, 2021
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Advantages of the Rotary Model G vs. Globe Valve Technology

For many industrial applications, the AMOT Model G 3-way rotary valve can bring significant advantages when compared to a globe valve. These advantages often lead to a more efficient, highly optimized engine performance. Learn how.

November 17, 2020
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The Importance of Regular Thermostatic Valve Maintenance

The ability of your temperature control valve to maintain a constant temperature can change over time and, therefore, should be included in your preventative maintenance and service schedules to ensure accuracy. Read our recommendations.

September 20, 2020
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AMOT Model G Rotary Valve: The Better Temperature Control Option

To maintain temperature accuracy, reduce fuel consumption, and limit emissions, engineers commonly specify a globe valve. However, there is a better option available. Watch this video to learn why the AMOT Model G Rotary Valve is the best solution for precise temperature control requirements.

September 18, 2020
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How AMOT Can Help Modernize Your Marine Engine

For older marine engines on the water, temperature control is crucial to their performance and longevity. Check out this blog to learn how the AMOT Model G Valve can modernize your engine and bring it up to today's industry standards. 

September 13, 2020
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How to Optimize Your Engine by Reducing Valve Seat Leakage

With the rising cost of energy and increased environmental concerns, many companies across a wide range of industries have begun to focus on improving overall system efficiency. This blog article discusses the effects of leakage on engine fluid temperature control.

July 22, 2020
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