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LST-200 Hydro-Mechanical Diesel Fuel Shutoff Valve


LST-200 Hydro-Mechanical Diesel Fuel Shutoff Valve automatically shuts down the fuel supply on loss of engine lubricating oil pressure (or loss of oil/air pressure signal from an engine shut down control circuit).

Suitable for applications where automatic fuel shut down is required on loss of an oil or air pressure signal. This signal may be engine lubricating oil pressure or may be the output from a diesel engine shut down control system comprising sensors monitoring various engine parameters.

Features and Benefits

  • Instant closure on loss of oil (or air) pressure signal
  • Reset not required following a normal engine shut down
  • Suitable for hazardous area installations
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Housing: Cast aluminum  
Fuel connections: ⅜” BSP  
Maximum fuel pressure : 14 bar 200 psi
Pressure connection: ⅛” BSP 145 psi
Maximum oil pressure: 10 bar  
Falling pressure trip setting: 0.7 bar 10.0 psi
Manual reset: Automatic dropout  
  • For use in applications where a diesel fuel shut off valve is desired to be used with an air intake shutoff valve
  • Is intended for use in addition to the standard engine fuel stop
  • Senses pressure drop from a hydraulic system circuit
  • Suitable for mining machinery and ideal for other machinery where monitoring is done without electricity

With the engine running under normal conditions, the operation of the fuel shutoff valve is completely automatic. On loss of lubricating oil pressure, the fuel supply is cut off to stop the engine. The reset “T” handle will move in towards the valve body.

To reset the valve after shutting down due to oil pressure loss, the valve reset “T” handle is lifted and the reset latch is depressed. After the engine starts the reset latch moves back out. The valve at this point is armed to automatically close on low oil pressure.

The fuel valve does not require to be reset following a normal engine shut down using the standard engine fuel stop.