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Pneumatic Control System Accessories


A variety of accessories are available for use with other AMOT safety and sequencing components in any pneumatic control systems. View the product specifications for detailed information on these models:

Model 2185 Orifice
Used to restrict flow in timing circuits or used to prevent damage due to sudden application of pressure. Available in multiple diameters.

Model 2690 Accumulator
Used in timing circuits in conjunction with the 2185 orifice. It is used to delay the pressure build up required to open or pressure loss to close a valve.

Model 2760 Check Valve
Used in circuits to control the direction of flow.

Model 2768 Quick Release Valve
Used to dump pressure quickly on devices with large volumes such as valve bonnets or long tubing runs.

Model 2790B Shuttle Valve
Enables continuous pressurization of a single device in a circuit as the pressure transitions from one source to a different source.

Model 4125 Vent Closure
Used on vent ports, it allows flow in a single direction to prevent dirt, corrosive atmospheres, and insects from entering the control systems.