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SVX (with Remote Stop) Hazardous Area Energized to Open Air Shut Off Valve


The Chalwyn SVX flameproof energize to latch open valve with manual open/stop lever is designed with “fail safe” actuation in hazardous area applications. The valve is opened using the manual start/stop lever. After the valve has been opened power is applied to the solenoid. The valve is held open as long as power is supplied. When power is cut off for any reason such as the detection of an engine overspeed condition or other unsafe engine operating conditions, the valve will close.

Features and Benefits

  • ATEX Zone 1, Group IIB, T4 (135°C) or Zone 21 approved
  • “Fail safe” design – the valve closes on loss of power
  • Uses manual lever to open valve before power is available or applied
  • Available with 12VDC or 24VDC solenoids
  • Slim-fit 3” and 5” (76mm and 127mm) valve body
  • Basic flange mount with hose adaptors available (½” to 6” | 38 to 152mm)
  • Valve bodies and discs are PTFE coated hard anodized aluminum
  • Shaft and mechanisms are stainless steel


Engines operating in Hazardous Areas:

  • Offshore Wells

  • Onshore Refineries

  • Stationary Mining Equipment

  • Power Gen Sets

Configure this part:


More Information


Size (in) 2.5"
Size(mm) 65
End Connection Hose Barb
Actuation 24VDC, 12VDC
Position Indication Available No
Connectors TBD
Position Indication Logic Valve Open - Switch Open
Side Left
Elbow Kit Valve Only (No Elbow)
Style Butterfly
Max Air Intake Temp (F) 257
Min Air Intake Temp (F) -40
Max Pressure (psi) TBD
IP Protection No
Hazardous Location Certification ATEX Zone 1
Power To Close or Energize To Run (Fail Safe) Fail Safe
Reset Auto Reset