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SG80 Pneumatic Controller


The SG80 Pneumatic Indicating Controller is used for pressure or temperature control in pneumatic valve systems. This complete stand alone controller offers good dynamic response for proportional or proportional and integral control forms.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete stand along controller
  • Reduced system cost
  • Good dynamic response
  • Easily removable components
  • Action reversible
  • Offers both proportional and proportional/integral control forms
Body material: Die cast aluminum with anti-corrosive paint
Cover: ABS    
Degree of protection: IP54    
Pneumatic connections: 1/4" NPT with fittings for 4mm (0.16) pipe size
Supply air pressure: 1.4 +/- 0.1 bar 20 +/- 1.5 psi  
Output: 0.2/1 bar 3/15 psi  
Adjustable control parameters: P.Band 200% Reset time >0...>10 rep/min
Steady state air consumption: Air supply 
20 psi
1.4 bar 0.13 Nm^3/h
Max. air delivery: Air supply
20 psi
1.4 bar 2.6 Nm^3/h
  • Pressure or temperature control for use with pneumatic valve systems