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Diesel Engine Temperature & Thermostatic Control Valves

Making engine safety, control, and monitoring simple

No matter what type of engine you have, no other company can offer complete solutions for both fluid temperature control and diesel engine safety.

Temperature Control Valves

Our 3-way temperature control valves help improve the efficiency and performance of engines, decrease warm up time, reduce emissions, and limit downtime. Our rugged thermostatic control valves are self-actuated, require little maintenance, and can operate in any mounting position. Complete service kits for thermostatic valves are available with all the components needed to make maintenance quick and simple.

Looking to reduce emissions or improve performance? Consider our Model G Actuated Control valves. They have the ability to maintain fluid temperatures within +/- 1o and are the perfect solution for jacket water and charge air cooling circuits on high horse power engines.

Typical Engine Applications for temperature control valves

  • Jacket water cooling circuit
  • Charge air cooling circuit
  • Lube oil circuit
  • Mixing or diverting applications

Diesel Engine Safety Solutions

Our diesel engine safety solutions help protect against the devastating consequences of diesel engine runaway which can occur when engines operate in hydrocarbon-rich environments. Air intake shutoff valves cut off the air supply to an engine, shutting it down if it begins to overspeed. Spark arrestors and flameproof alternators help eliminate additional risks associated with operating diesel engines in hazardous areas.

Typical applications for diesel engine safety solutions

  • Automotive trucks
  • Heavy duty trucks and equipment
  • Mobile and rental equipment
  • OEM engine applications
  • Oil and gas exploration and production equipment

Oil Condition Monitoring

Timely detection of metal particles ensures reliable engine operation and avoids unnecessary downtime. The AMOT metal particle detector (MPD) is an in-line continuous wear debris monitor that signals the presence of metal particles in engine lubricating oils. This cheap insurance on large assets provides early warning of metal particles to reduce operating costs, reduce downtime, and prevent unnecessary repairs.


Fuel Shutdown/Air Start Valves

Fuel shutdown valves will shut down a gas engine in the event of a dangerous condition such as overspeed, high jacket water temperature, low lubricating oil pressure, or excessive vibration. For applications in hazardous environments, upgrade the valve body from aluminum to stainless steel to prevent the valve from melting and becoming a flame thrower.

Sensors and Switches

Rugged, field-proven sensors and switches help complete control and monitoring systems. Hazardous area certification are available on some models.