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Air Intake Shut Off Valves Stop Engine Runaway

Air intake shut off valves provide emergency overspeed shutdown protection for diesel engines and are the most effective way of preventing a runaway situation. The valves completely block the engine air intake system, cutting off an uncontrolled external fuel source and the air required to keep the engine running. AMOT has an extensive range of fully automatic and manual positive air shut off systems (PASS) designed to fit engines of all sizes. Our products include AMOT, Chalwyn, Rigsaver and Roda Deaco brands.

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19 Items
XTB Air Shut Off Valve with Custom Flanges
RB Compact Air Shut Off Valve
D Automatic Air Shut Off Valve
7002 Swing Gate Air Shut Off (Cummins QSK50)
ThrottleStop Automotive Pickup Trucks
ThrottleStop Heavy Duty Trucks
7001 Swing Gate Air Shut Off Valve (MTU Series 4000)
RIGSAVER 11SGE Air Shut Off Valve
SVX Hazardous Area Energized to Open Air Shut Off Valve
SVX (with Remote Stop) Hazardous Area Energized to Open Air Shut Off Valve
HVX Pressure to Latch Open Air Shut Off Valve
MVX (with Remote Stop) Manual Air Shut Off Valve
MVX Manual Air Shut Off Valve
RS1A Air Shut Off Valve
PVX Pneumatic Spring Return Air Shut Off Valve
4262C Air Shut Off Valve
4261D Air Intake Shut Off Valve