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Air Start & Fuel Gas Metering Valves

AMOT air/gas control valves are rugged, compact and fast acting. They are designed for use in a variety of environments to shut down a gas engine, act as an air starting valve, or to provide gas fuel metering for industrial gas turbines.



Fuel Gas Shutoff & Air Start Valves

Fuel Gas Shutoff & Air Start Valves

We have a line of rugged, compact, fast acting block-and-bleed valves for use in fuel gas shutoff and engine air start applications. The fail-safe 2-way pilot pressure operated and 2-way vented valves have a wide range of operating capacities and pressures. They can operate in a variety of environments and include NACE compliant and hazardous area approved models.

Fuel Gas Metering

Fuel Gas Metering

High performance gas fuel metering valve designed for use with industrial and aeroderivative gas turbines. The balanced rotary valve features fast operation with very high precision and large turn down ratio for reliable and efficient control.