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Marine & Type Approved Engine Control Valves

Type-approved 3-way Control Valves To Boost Performance of Marine Engines

Some of the first AMOT thermostatic control valves ever manufactured were installed in marine applications where they quickly became the industry’s solution to decreasing warm up time, reducing oil sludge formation and salt deposits, improving fuel consumption, and boosting overall engine performance. Over time, the marine industry became more focused on engine optimization and performance while facing newer and more stringent regulations and emission controls. Now, owners and operators must figure out how to bring dependable equipment up to modern standards. In response to this need, AMOT developed the Model G Actuated Temperature Control valve. Model G valves offer fast response for tighter temperature accuracy, reduced lifecycle costs, emission reductions, easy drop-in replacement with existing systems, and flexibility. They can be used as stand-alone valves or integrated with control systems.

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Typical Marine Applications

Scrubber Systems

Recently, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) announced their commitment to lower the allowed percentage of sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions from 3.5% to 0.5% by January 1, 2020. Ships may meet the SOx emission requirements by using approved equivalent methods, such as exhaust gas cleaning systems, or “scrubbers,” which clean the emissions before they are released into the atmosphere. Thus, ships can continue to use low grade HFO with high sulphur content for a low cost.

Cooling Systems

  • Jacket water (HT) cooling
  • Freshwater cooling
  • Saltwater cooling 
  • Charge air (LT) cooling
  • Lube oil (L/O) cooling
  • Gear oil (G/O) cooling

Freshwater Generation

Storing fresh water on a ship is costly and takes up valuable space. For this reason, ships utilize desalination systems that convert salt water into drinking water. AMOT temperature control valves boost the efficiency of these important systems to help realize maximum output.

Heat Recovery

Up to 50% of a marine vessel’s fuel is lost to heat energy. A waste heat recovery system uses the heat from the exhaust to generate power for other uses on the ship, resulting in massive energy savings and lower emissions. AMOT temperature control valves help optimize the performance of these systems.