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Engine Control & Safety Products

AMOT has control and safety solutions designed to optimize performance and improve the efficiency of diesel engines, compressors, and turbines. We also have the experience and capability to custom engineer solutions to meet specific customer requirements.





Our 3-Way Temperature Control Valves help improve the efficiency and performance of engines, decrease warm up time, reduce emissions, and limit downtime. Our rugged thermostatic control valves are self-actuated, require little maintenance, and can operate in any mounting position. Complete service kits for thermostatic valves are available with all the components needed to make maintenance quick and simple.

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Power producers and utilities are facing tighter emissions regulations and greater competition than ever before. As a result, they need to ensure their equipment is running at optimal efficiency to help drive down the cost of energy production. AMOT has a portfolio of rugged, field-proven products designed to improve the performance of turbines and minimize downtime.

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As a manufacturer of quality components for rotating machinery since 1948, AMOT knows the key to your business is keeping your equipment in optimal condition. AMOT has a portfolio of rugged, field-proven products designed to enhance the performance and improve the efficiency of compressors by optimizing the overall package size and weight.

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AMOT supports companies leading the transition to renewable technologies with products that make their systems even more efficient, thus increasing their positive impact on the environment exponentially. Learn how.