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Thermostatic Mixing Valves |Tempered Water Applications


Protect Against Scalding and Meet Safety Regulations

Tempered, or tepid, water systems are used in safety equipment, such as eyewash stations and emergency showers, or in care facilities like hospitals or nursing homes.

Most facilities require tempered water systems that meet ANSI international safety standards. ANSI Z358.1 states that the temperature of water delivered by tempered systems should be 60-100°F (15-38°C). Temperatures over 60°F (15°C) allow for continuous flushing without causing hypothermia or shock. The upper limit of 100°F (38°C) protects against scalding and bacteria growth.

Maintaining control of a tempered system’s outlet water temperature can be difficult. Outlet temperature is affected by the temperature of the water provided to the system, which can fluctuate depending on its source and the location’s climate.

AMOT Thermostatic Mixing Valves

AMOT three-way thermostatic mixing valves are a proven solution. These self-actuating valves blend hot and cold water to accurately maintain a safe fluid temperature in tempered water applications.

Our temperature-controlling wax elements are individually calibrated to a specific set point and quality tested to ensure repeatable performance. The element is contained within the valve casting to prevent tampering or unauthorized temperature adjustment. AMOT offers low-lead bronze in addition to its regular body materials to help customers meet local regulations.

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