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Diesel Engine Safety Products

Complete systems to prevent diesel engine runaway in hazardous environments

Although diesel engines are safer than gasoline engines when working in hydrocarbon-rich environments, they can become an ignition source in certain situations. Diesel engine speed is controlled by an internal speed governor which meters the amount of fuel fed to the engine. If flammable vapors are present in the atmosphere, they are drawn into the intake system along with clean air, and the additional fuel causes the engine to accelerate.

As the engine speed rapidly increases, it draws in more air – and more vapors. The cycle continues until the engine is running off the unmetered vapors as its fuel source. If this cycle is not stopped, it can cause the engine to overspeed, or runaway, making it a potential ignition source for the explosive vapors and lead to:

  • Valve bounce

  • Flames exiting the intake and exhaust pipes

  • Surface temperatures (auto ignition)

  • Sparks

  • Catastrophic injury or death

For over 45 years, AMOT has promoted better safety in hazardous industries by raising awareness of the risks of operating diesel engines in these environments and educating industry professionals about ways to protect their equipment and people. We continue to invest in research and product technologies as diesel engines evolve to meet modern performance standards.

We work with engine manufacturers, oil and gas service companies, companies that provide support services, and operators to design complete systems that protect against diesel engine runaway and the risks of a diesel engine becoming an ignition source on worksites.




Air Intake Shutoff Valves

While some companies implement safety protocols to prevent diesel engine runaway, automatic positive air intake shutoff valves are the only reliable method to stop an engine once it has begun to overspeed. These devices work by completely blocking the engine’s air intake system, cutting off the external fuel source and the air required to keep the engine running.

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RPM Speed Switches & Sensors

Speed switches are used to monitor engine RPM in automatic diesel engine overspeed protection systems. In the event of an engine overspeed condition, the speed switch will immediately take action to shut down the diesel engine. Electric, hazardous area electric, and hydro-mechanical switches available.


Spark Arrestor

Spark arrestors are designed to prevent the risk of fire due to spark emissions from diesel engine exhaust systems. They are commonly used in marine, oil & gas, mining, forestry and other hazardous area applications.



Valve installation kits contain all components needed to install the valve into the engine air intake line of most diesel engine applications. 

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Master Safety Shutdown Device

The master safety shutdown device monitors pressure or temperature on rotating machinery in hazardous and industrial applications. Should a loss or drop in pressure occur below the setpoint, the device will trip immediately.


Flameproof Alternator

Standard automotive type alternators are a continuous potential source of ignition when operated in hazardous atmospheres where combustible concentrations of gas, vapors, or dust may exist. 


Diesel Fuel Shutoff

Diesel engine fuel shutoff valves are designed for applications where fuel shut down is required as a part of automatic engine shutdown systems. The hydromechanical engine fuel shutoff valves are designed for use as failsafe valves in oil pressure based hydromechanical systems. The air intake depression engine fuel shutoff valve is designed to operate in combination with diesel engine air intake shutoff valves.