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Preserve Battery Life With Temperature Control


Untapped Benefits of Lithium Ion Battery Power

Many industries are realizing the untapped benefits of lithium ion battery power. At the forefront is the transportation industry, where battery-powered engines and energy storage systems are changing the way locomotives, offshore rigs, trucks, cruise ships, passenger ferries, tugs, and other marine vessels are designed.

The benefits are significant. Batteries reduce fuel consumption, maintenance and operating costs, and emissions. These are among the chief concerns of marine, shipping, and transportation companies. In terms of fuel savings, some models suggest that adding just one battery-powered locomotive to a freight train could reduce the total fuel consumption by up to 15%. With diesel prices hovering between $2-$4 per gallon globally over the last decade, an operator could expect to save tens of thousands of dollars per consist (sequence of connected locomotives) each year. (Source)

These applications require precise, flexible temperature control of the cooling system fluids to preserve the battery life, which can degrade quickly when systems operate outside OEM-recommended temperatures. The AMOT Model G 3-Way rotary valve provides the answer.


The heavy-duty, compact design fits in cramped spaces and withstands high vibration applications to minimize stem leaks and actuator board failures.


The external temperature sensing probe enables more precise, more responsive temperature control. With the Model G, you can maintain a temperature setting to within +/- 1 degrees.


Our unique design allows ports to be configured to suit any installation requirement. The Model G can operate equally well as a stand-alone or as part of a complete control system. With multiple I/O’s available from the factory, the Model G valve can adapt into any control system. Its compact design produces a small footprint which allows it to fit any application.


The AMOT Model G valve has over 25 years of proven performance in Marine, Transportation, Power Generation, and Oil & Gas applications and is the trusted solution for many high-horsepower engine manufacturers.

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3-Way Thermostatic Valves

Internal-sensing, 3-Way thermostatic control valves are suitable applications where fluids must be mixed or diverted depending on their temperatures. Simple to install, operate and maintain, they provide years of trouble-free, reliable temperature control without the need for external power sources.

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2-Way Thermostatic Valves

Simple and straight forward thermostatic 2-Way control valves are opened by the increasing temperature of engine cooling water, lubricating oil, high-pressure gas or other fluids. These valves are set at the factory and most are field-serviceable.

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