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Midstream Control and Safety Products


Improve Compressor Station Reliability

Pneumatic G Valve.

Over the past decade, oil and natural gas markets in North America have exploded as new drilling technologies have allowed access to reserves that once were considered inaccessible.  Companies must bring aging equipment up to modern standards to keep up with increasing global energy demands.

The integral gas compressors found in compressor stations have been in operation for decades and can benefit from the pneumatically-actuated 3-way Model G rotary valve. The robust Model G valve helps modernize the engine’s performance and adjust to a station’s ever-changing demands. They offer remote temperature sensing and quick reaction to temperature changes to improve engine reliability, decrease warm-up time, and ensure consistent temperature control.

Complete kits make the G Valve a fast, simple, drop-in replacement without incurring the cost of new pipe fabrication.


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Protect Against Diesel Engine Runaway Accidents

A diesel engine presents a significant risk of becoming an ignition source for sites that store and transfer hazardous materials. If a hydrocarbon vapor is released, the engine can draw the flammable vapors into the air intake system as a fuel, causing the engine to lose control and overspeed. If this runaway condition is not immediately stopped, the engine can quickly become an ignition source for the flammable vapors, resulting in a catastrophic explosion.

When this happens, turning off the engine won’t work. The only proven, reliable way to stop an engine once it has begun to overspeed is to install an automatic air shut off system. These devices work by blocking the engine’s air supply and cutting off the external fuel source.

AMOT is the most experienced manufacturer of diesel engine safety products, offering the largest range of products for all engine sizes and types.

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Additional Products to Improve Compressor Station Reliability

Metal Particle Detectors

Detect the presence of metal particles in non-conductive lubrication liquids for advanced warning of componet wear.

Spark arrestors

Bearing Temperature Detectors

Detect increase in bearing temperature due to worn surfaces, broken shafts, lack of lubrication, and more.

Flameproof alternators

Fuel Shut Off & Air Start Valves

SVented, 2-way valves reliably shut off the fuel supply in emergency situations or function as a dependable air start valve.

RPM speed switches