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Industrial Equipment Safety & Control Valves

An unrivaled selection of products, parts, and accessories for the safety, control, and monitoring of industiral equipment

AMOT is unmatched in its selection, experience, and engineering expertise. Since 1948, we have been committed to designing innovative safety and control solutions for some of the most challenging industries. From the very first wax element thermostatic temperature control valve to our entry into the world of diesel engine safety devices, we have evolved and adapted to our customers’ changing needs.




Temperature Control Valves

AMOT temperature control valves, also known as temperature regulators, include internal-sensing thermostatic valves and external-sensing electric or pneumatic actuated temperature control valves.  Actuated rotary-style 3-way temperature control valves are used for tighter temperature control, remote temperature sensing and low pressure drop applications. 

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Diesel Engine Safety Products

We work with engine manufacturers, oil and gas service and support companies, and operators to design complete systems that protect against diesel engine runaway and the risks of a diesel engine becoming an ignition source on worksites. Our solutions include air intake shut off valves, spark arrestors, flameproof alternators, and diesel fuel shut off valves.

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Air/Gas Control Valves

AMOT air/gas control valves are rugged, compact and fast acting. They are designed for use in a variety of environments to shut down a gas engine, act as an air starting valve, or to provide gas fuel metering for industrial gas turbines.

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Other Control Products

AMOT offers an extensive line of electronic, pnuematic, and hazardous area instrumentation that includes temperature/pressure/vibration sensors and switches and condition/wear monitoring products.

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Custom Control Valves

Our nimble, in-house engineering teams have decades of knowledge and experience, and our worldwide sales and manufacturing facilities provide local capabilities. Simply put, give us your specs and we will design a solution.

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