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ATEX, PED Certified 3-way Temperature Control Valves

AMOT provides the oil and gas, power generation, marine and transportation markets with control and safety solutions for engines, compressors, gearboxes, turbines and all rotating machinery. AMOT manufacturing plants are ISO 9001 certified and many of our products have industry standard certifications such as

  • ATEX hazardous area certification 
  • PED (European Pressure Equipment Directive)
  • GOST-R
  • NEC
  • EN1834



Oil & Gas

AMOT offers a broad range of products to help oil & gas companies and companies that provide support services to the industry. We educate industry professionals on ways to protect their employees and assets from the dangers of diesel engine runaway, and we manufacture control procucts that optimize engine performance. 

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Some of the first AMOT valves ever manufactured were installed in marine applications where they quickly became the industry’s solution to decreasing warm up time, reducing oil sludge formation and salt deposits, improving fuel consumption, and boosting overall engine performance.

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Power Generation

Our robust thermostatic valves install easily and require little maintenance, so you can be sure they’ll continue to work during critical applications. When temperature fluctuations require flexible temperature adjustment, AMOT Model G Actuated Valves are the answer. AMOT G valves can increase output and decrease warm up time by providing tight temperature control.

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The fuel and lube oil systems found on most diesel-electric locomotive engines operate using an air cooling system. Fluid passes from the engine to a radiator and is exposed to external air during this process. When the engine is started up and is cold, this exposure results in a loss of heat and increases warm up times.

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General Industries

Throughout our history, engineers have called on AMOT products to solve very specific challenges in a variety of different industrial applications. Learn how different industries use our control products.

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