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Engine Monitoring & Sensor Accessories

AMOT offers an extensive line of electronic, pnuematic, and hazardous area instrumentation that includes temperature/pressure/vibration sensors and switches, and condition/wear monitoring products.




Oil Condition Monitoring

Monitor the condition of fluid in the lubrication system for early warning of impending failure. These products help reduce operating costs, minimize downtime, and prevent unnecessary repairs or replacement of expensive parts.


Bearing Temperature Detectors & Wear Monitoring

These products provide an early warning or shutdown upon a sudden temperature rise in critical machine parts or caused by tight, worn or out-of-round bearings, tight packing glands, cracked or broken shafts, torsional vibration, power or compressor cylinder overload, lack of lubricant flow and many other sources. Avoid costly repairs caused by bearing failure.


Pressure & Temperature Sensors & Switches

Monitor the temperature and pressure of engine and compressor coolants systems, process control points, lubrication systems and alarm systems.


Pneumatic Valves & Accessories

Developed for use in manual and automatic hydraulic or pneumatic control systems, these valves and accessories are used to trip a safety system and indicate the cause of the trip. The robust design of these products is proven to be reliable in demanding process applications.


Vibration Switches & Valves

These products are designed to sound an alarm and/or shut down malfunctioning equipment before problems can lead to costly repairs.