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Custom Control Valves


We Support Custom Modification Requests and Complete New Design Projects for Lower Production Volume Programs

Beginning in 1949, we established ourselves as the go-to provider of designed-to-order products when we designed a temperature control valve specifically for Chris-Craft marine engines. In the years since, we’ve continued to listen to our customers' problems and design solutions that fit their needs. Many of our most recognized products today resulted from turning a one-time solution into a regular product offering.


We Work With Engine, Turbine, and Compressor Manufacturers to Develop Custom Designs

For over 70 years, we’ve taken pride in our ability to design solutions for the most complex engineering challenges. Our in-house engineering teams possess decades of knowledge and experience, allowing them to be quick and nimble when designing a solution for your project. Our custom-design capabilities started in the marine industry but have since grown to others including the Oil & Gas, Locomotive, and Power Generation industries.


Simply Put, Give Us Your Specs and We Will Design a Solution

At the core of all our custom-designed solutions are our customers. With sales and manufacturing facilities located worldwide, customer support is readily available in all regions. Contact our team today and let them design a customized solution for you.

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