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Oil & Gas Diesel Engine Safety Products

Raising awareness of diesel engine hazards

Accidents caused by engine runaway are a real threat to operators in a hazardous oil and gas industry; fortunately, proven engine shutdown solutions exist. Some companies have taken the commendable steps to protect their employees from these types of accidents by initiating their own policy to fit automatic air intake shutoff systems on engines that operate in the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors. However, many com­panies still are unaware of this danger.

For over 45 years, AMOT has educated industry professionals about ways to protect equipment and employees by preventing engine runaway disasters—and we take this responsibility very seriously. We continue to invest in research and develop new products as engine technologies evolve.

We make air intake shut off valves for E&P equipment, offshore production engines, automotive trucks, heavy duty/tank trucks, and mobile & rental equipment.

Control products to optimize compressors and oilfield equipment

Temperature Control
Gas compressor stations are an integral part of the pipeline network that moves gas from production sites to the end user. AMOT externally-actuated Model G control valves help optimize the engine’s performance and adjust to a station’s ever-changing demands. They offer remote temperature sensing and quick reaction to temperature changes to improve engine reliability, decrease warm-up time, and ensure consistent temperature control.

Complete kits make the G Valve a fast, simple, drop-in replacement without incurring the cost of new pipe fabrication.

Receive an advanced warning of component wear by detecting the presence of metal particles in non-conductive lubrication liquids.
These vented, 2-way valves reliably shut off the fuel supply in emergency situations or function as a dependable air start valve.
Detect increases in bearing temperature due to worn surfaces, broken shafts, lack of lubrication, and more.