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Control Valve Service Kits

Control Valve Service Kits

The importance of regular thermostatic valve maintenance

Thermostatic temperature control valves are a rugged, reliable, and repeatable means of controlling your vital fluid temperatures. But the ability of your temperature control valve to maintain a constant temperature can change over time.  Prolonged operation at extreme temperature, pressure, and flow can reduce the effectiveness of your valve, as can exposure to foreign chemicals and particulate matter. Film and scale can develop on internal mechanisms; components can wear, corrode, or fatigue; and, elastomeric O-rings can harden or swell. Degradation of components eventually can cause a degradation in valve performance. And as temperatures begin to stray from the desired set point, engine performance begins to suffer.

Common symptoms that indicate service is due include:

  • Longer warm up times
  • Slow temperature response
  • White smoke or excessive emissions
Integral Gas Compressors

Maintenance recommendations

AMOT recommends servicing thermostatic control valves with each regularly-scheduled major equipment overhaul. Where valves are used in higher risk, sensitive, or extreme applications, we recommend more frequent inspections and replacement of seals and elements. AMOT thermostatic valves should be checked for wear and correct operation under the following conditions:

  • The output of fluid from the valve varies by more than +/-2oC from the control temperature
  • The system takes significantly longer to reach operating temperature than normal
  • The valve has been exposed to higher temperatures than recommended
  • The valve or equipment has been idle for long periods of time
  • The maintenance schedule is unknown or has not been followed
Service kits contain all the components necessary, including new temperature control elements and seals, to make easy work out of valve maintenance. Please contact us to order service kits.


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