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Temperature Control Valves & Regulators

Why is temperature control important?

Controlling the temperature of engine fluids is essential to ensuring equipment efficiency and performance. Depending on the application, failure to maintain temperature accuracy can lead to poor fuel consumption, high emission output, and smoking. AMOT is the leading manufacturer of actuated and thermostatic temperature control valves and regulators. 

Charge Air Cooler (LT)
The charge air inlet temperature has a major influence on engine performance. Different fuel grades and types require different air inlet temperatures for correct combustion. In addition, controlling the dew point can reduce corrosion, optimize fuel consumption and reduce spark plug fouling on gas engines.

Jacket Water (HT)
The jacket water temperature can affect NOx emissions, engine efficiency, fuel consumption, and smoke. Maintaining a high temperature in this application is the key to load acceptance; conversely, low temperatures can lead to cold corrosion, especially during “slow steaming.” As an added benefit, waste heat from the HT system can be recovered through smart valve technology and used to improve overall system efficiency.

Lube Oil
In this application, incorrect oil temperature can negatively affect viscosity and flow characteristics, leading to increased engine wear.

For help selecting the right valve for your application, view our selection guide.



Actuated 3-Way Rotary Control Valves

Actuated 3-Way Rotary Control Valves

The external-sensing, rotary style Model G 3-Way control valve is an integral part of your electric, pneumatic or electro-pneumatic system. It is ideal for tighter temperature control, remote temperature sensing, and low pressure drop applications.

Thermostatic 3-Way Control Valves

Thermostatic 3-Way Control Valves

Internal-sensing, 3-Way Thermostatic Control Valves, or temperature regulators, provide reliable, automatic and accurate temperature control of fluids.

Thermostatic 2-Way Control Valves

Thermostatic 2-Way Control Valves

Simple and straight forward 2-Way control valves are opened by the increasing temperature of engine cooling water, lubricating oil, high pressure gas or other fluids. These valves are set at the factory and most are field serviceable.

Combination Valves

Combination Valves

AMOT combination valves are used in applications where temperature, pressure and/or filtering are required simultaneously. These functions are combined into one valve to simplify installation and material planning and to reduce costs.

Service Kits

Service Kits

Regular servicing is an important part of ensuring the performance and reliability of AMOT valves. Our service kits make easy work out of valve maintenance.

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