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Rigsaver Drilling Site Valves

RIGSAVER is a name synonymous with diesel engine safety, proven by more than 10,000 valves installed globally. This swing gate style, spring-operated valve is known for durability and reliable performance in the harsh conditions of oil and gas drilling sites and with the high-horsepower engines used in these operations. After acquiring the RIGSAVER brand in 2012, AMOT re-engineered the original design to improve valve performance over the life of the engine and, in 2014, launched the next generation RIGSAVER 11SGE.

Positive Air Shut Off Valves by Category


11SGE Valves and Service Kits

The upgraded next generation design improves reliability and performance. Field service kits simplify maintenance tasks, and proper function testing keeps these critical safety systems in top operating condition.


3”-8” SGE Valves and Service Kits

RIGSAVER has a wide range of sizes, flange offerings and actuation types to fit many different engine applications.


Shop All Air Intake Shut Off Valves

Select the right solution for your application by clicking here to explore our wide range of air intake shut off valves.

RIGSAVER Specifications

The Rigsaver air intake shut off valve helps prevent diesel engine overspeed by cutting off the air to the engine. It can be manually or automatically controlled, responding to a variety of fault or hazard conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Manual or automatic controls
  • Responds to a variety of fault or hazard conditions
  • Available with 2” (50mm) to 14” (355mm) of unrestricted port
  • Operates safely at ambient and induction air temperature
    between 350°F - 400°F (176°C - 205°C)

Sizing Table



1983 - Barber Industries introduces the RIGSAVER GT for diesel engines used to power oil & gas drill rigs. Over time, additional sizes and actuation methods are added to accommodate a wide range of engines and applications from small fork trucks to offshore platform engines.

1989 - By this time, Barber had developed a second model called the RIGSAVER SG Series, a more compact valve for engines crowded with turbochargers and other accessories. The new SG Series is able to withstand higher ambient and induction air temperatures.

2003 - Wood Group acquires Barber Industries and changes the name of the RIGSAVER division to Wood Group Pressure Control. During their ownership of the RIGSAVER brand, they combine the GT and SG Series into a new product line: RIGSAVER SGE.

2011- GE acquires Wood Group Pressure Control and the RIGSAVER brand.

2012 - AMOT purchases the RIGSAVER brand from GE. This acquisition broadens AMOT’s diesel engine safety products portfolio, positioning it as the premier global manufacturer of air intake shut off valves and accessories.

2014 - AMOT launches the Next Generation 11SGE, re-engineered to improve valve performance and reliability.

System Monitoring

Feedback to a control system of the current status (open/closed) of the Rigsaver shut off valve can be very beneficial for diagnostics or just for foolprooing the device.

Two types of switches utilized:

  • Non-contact proximity
  • Mechanical contact
  • High vibration
  • High temperature 100°C maximum under trip switches