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Temperature Control Valves for Power Generation

Reliable Temperature Control for Power Plants and Engine Generators

The world depends on electricity for every aspect of modern life, but most people spend little time thinking about it – until it doesn’t work. Power plant operators and those who rely on back up emergency power depend on equipment that starts quickly and operates efficiently, and that begins with controlling the equipment’s vital fluids. Our robust thermostatic control valves install easily and require little maintenance, so you can be sure they’ll continue to work during critical applications. However, in situations where temperature fluctuations require flexible temperature adjustment, AMOT Model G Valves are the answer. AMOT G valves can increase output and decrease warm up time by providing tight temperature control.

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Fast Response Gen Sets

Fast Response Gen Sets

When the power goes out, sometimes it’s more than just an inconvenience. For businesses, productivity comes to a halt costing time and money. For facilities that provide critical care or lifesaving services to the public, the costs can be much higher. AMOT Actuated G valves help decrease ramp up time by allowing for flexible temperature control that adjusts to wide temperature swings and the unpredictable nature of this application.

Combined Heat and Power

Combined Heat & Power

Also known as co-generation, combined heat and power (CHP) captures the residual heat from electricity production and converts it to thermal energy for other uses, such as space heating, cooling and industrial processes. Temperature control valves in this application provide efficiency, environmental, and economic benefits.

Nuclear Facility Certified Valves

Nuclear Facility Certified Valves

Emergency Diesel Generators (EDGs) are the primary means of supplying electricity to nuclear plants in the event of an emergency power grid shut down. They are a vital piece of equipment, but their components require a complex set of testing and validation before they are allowed in a nuclear facility. AMOT can supply the necessary documentation certifying our valves for use in a nuclear power facility, including ASTM Nuclear Component Certification (N Stamps), Ultrasonic Testing of Castings, and X-Rays of Castings.

Base Load and Spinning Reserve Power Generation

Base Load and Spinning Reserve Power Generation

Steam turbines are the workhorses of power plants and provide base load electricity, often running 24/7. When electricity demands exceed the capacity of base load equipment, power plants rely on spinning reserve gas turbines to fill the gaps. To ensure maximum running time and reliable productivity of both, plant operators turn to durable, dependable AMOT temperature control valves to maintain temperature of their lube oil circuit.