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Locomotive Engine Temperature Control Valves

Legacy jacket water cooling systems found on most diesel-electric locomotive engines operate using an air-cooling system with variable speed fans. Fluid passes from the engine to a radiator and is exposed to external air during this process. When the ambient temperature is cold, this exposure results in a loss of heat and increases warm up times upon startup.

A temperature control valve recirculates coolant back into the engine, eliminating fluid temperature loss due to air exposure. Introducing an AMOT 3-way temperature control valve on this circuit leads to greater efficiency, real fuel savings, and a decrease in time spent ramping engines up to operating temperatures.

To realize even greater efficiency benefits, consider the AMOT Model G Rotary Control Valve. These externally-actuated valves are compact, lightweight, and can be configured to any port orientation, making them the perfect solution in cramped spaces. They are engineered for easy installation with valve sizes designed to match pipe sizes and are preferred by locomotive engine manufacturers around the world to ensure top performance.

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