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Locomotive Engine Temperature Control Valves

Locomotive engine temperature control

Improve on-track time with actuated temperature control valves

The fuel and lube oil systems found on most diesel-electric locomotive engines operate using an air cooling system. Fluid passes from the engine to a radiator and is exposed to external air during this process. When the engine is started up and is cold, this exposure results in a loss of heat and increases warm up times.

A temperature control valve recirculates coolant back into the engine, eliminating fluid temperature loss due to air exposure. This leads to real fuel savings and reduces the time spent idling engines up to operating temperature.

AMOT Model G Actuated Temperature Control valves are compact, lightweight, and can be configured to any port orientation, making them the perfect solution in cramped spaces. They are engineered for easy installation with valve sizes designed to match pipe sizes.

  • Decrease warm up time
  • Decrease fuel costs
  • Increase on-track time
  • Fast response and tight temperature control